trampoline exercises

12 Best Trampoline Exercises for You and Your Kids

Rebounding is a easy way to unwind and have some fun. However, there is more to it than just that. People have discovered that jumping on a trampoline has numerous health benefits—one of which is weight loss. A few minutes on your rebounder for several days a week could keep you from getting out of […]

round vs rectangle trampolines

Pros and Cons of Rectangle Vs Round Trampolines

Why does the shape of a trampoline matter? There are many factors to consider when buying a trampoline. There is the price, bounce quality, shape, safety, among others. It is easy to see why the mentioned factors are important but for someone who has no idea, the shape may be a non-issue. What you may […]

trampoline jumping benefits

8 Little Known Benefits of Trampoline Jumping

Trampolines are popular with kids, but not so much with parents. Numerous reports and studies show how dangerous they can be. Additionally, there are statistics to prove all this. However, trampolines are not entirely bad. Just like any other physical activity, there are benefits just as there are risks. It is safe to say that […]

trampoline safety

What You Need to Know About Trampoline Safety

What do you do when your children ask for a trampoline? As a parent, you may have been expecting this question. On one hand, you want them to be safe – trampolines can be dangerous. On the other hand, you want them to have fun, enjoy their childhood and not coddle them. Besides, if you […]